The Quest

We are creating digital and physically rooted communities of artists of all varieties, cultivating our capacities to care for one another and create and share without lack or limit. Our long term family quest leads to a world with us as keepers & guardians of a magical & magnificent Inn, festival grounds, residential and artistic retreat campus in a self-sustaining forest community. Our current phase of preparation calls our focus to:  sharing and expanding this vision through a theatrical show highlighting bits of our lives as an Indigo Starseed family; keeping the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder (IMMW) portal, an interdimensional intervention on earth against the multitude crises of the present era; and prototyping IMMW – The Game, a free and open source worlding game which utilizes a grand repertoire of art forms for playfully envisioning and enacting mutually supportive artistic communities. Our show premiers summer 2017, the board game prototype will be available as open public access early 2018, and the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder’s decentralized analogue-digital hybrid campus is already open for free registration and participation. Through the successful hatching of the show, game, and multiversity around the close of 2017 we will have co-created along with you all the means to manifest our original intention of opening the doors to that most wonderful and fabled place called Dragon Egg Inn before the end of 2018.

We are creating intergenerational and nurturing platforms of play, refuge, and mutual care in apocalyptic times. Dragon Egg Inn is on an epic quest to help put an end to unnecessary suffering and scarcity on Earth by providing spaces for collaborative and convivial play.

We do this through:

  • organizing free community festivals and works of participatory theater
  • designing, creating, sharing, and playing games
  • offering teacher trainings in game and play based learning
  • cultivating and fortifying long lasting rooted communities
  • selling our services for customized experience events and retreats (team-building)

We envision a grand grounds of immense learning on land containing a wide variety of amenities and services suited to locals and travelers from near and far. All who enter the space of Dragon Egg Inn contribute to and benefit from its ever evolving magics, knowledges and pluralistic vision. The grounds of the inn produce all manner of sustainable foods and medicines in using methods of permaculture, Indigenous horticulture, and Natural farming. The building(s) house great diversity of peoples and simultaneously function as a pay-to-stay inn and a public/commons housing effort for displaced people from near and far. Those who come and pay for a room for whatever period of time help to provide a roof for local and refugee individuals and/or families. Yet it is so much more than a place to stay. It is a sort of non-institutional and intergenerational university which delivers enchantment to all in attendance and manifests sustainable futures. Exact geographic coordinates are still undetermined and this could potentially exist anywhere.

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