(RE)Visioning & Dragon Egg Inn

What’s up with Dragon Egg Inn anyways?



Due to lack of sufficient funding, changes in life circumstances, and various points of feedback from the world at large we are presently moving to a more silent and less public mode of continuing our way to the hearth of Dragon Egg Inn. While on the surface moderately successful, our fundraising campaign of July/August 2017 did not meet the necessary mark to free us enough from the struggles of daily existence to permit us to focus our creative energies how we intended. The campaign was incredibly physically, socially, and psychically draining to run and in the end returned less financially than what it took to survive the fundraising period. We greatly appreciate those who did make financial contributions and offered words of support and encouragement and we also see that we need to make a new approach for how to nurture and share this dream.

As a result, we will no longer be producing the show of our family’s journey Indigo Starseed Family that was to be one of our deliverables from the campaign. It remains a possibility that said show will still come out in other forms & in due time, but not on the original timeline (Summer 2017) that was based on complete funding of our projects. The Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder will continue to exist as an experimental analogue-digital hybrid (virtual) learning environment & collective storytelling project & it will expand & deepen at whatever rate people find it interesting & useful enough to co-cultivate. The complete prototype & first playable version of IMMW – The [Board] Game will most likely still be available around the end of this year. All who donated already & any who donate now will still receive honors in the game world according to the same reward table.

While we will appear to be much less active on our websites and social media accounts in the coming moons, trust that we continue to exist and this dream has not ceased to drive us. If anything we have shared speaks to you, now is a good time to reach out.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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