Completion of Crowdfunding Campaign and Beyond…!

We reached our goal on Hatchfund! … kind of…
We will receive all donations raised to date and we have setup a permanent portal for fundraising moving forward. More reflections to come… ❤


We reached our goal on Hatchfund! … kind of. Through cooperation with Hatchfund’s Program Director and our campaign coach, we lowered the target goal of our grant agreement from $5,000 to $4,000. This allows us to still receive funding without quite reaching our original target of $5k. This is an option the Program Director made available to us at the end of the road on this campaign to allow us to be funded for the 81% of our target that we raised instead of losing it all as in the original terms.

Yet our original target of $5k was set as such for a reason as was our stretch goal of $24k. $5,000 is really the minimum required for our basic survival from now until our next guaranteed income from employment and thus the minimum amount needed to enable us to generate the game, show, and multiversity that are the deliverables of this campaign.  $24k was set as our stretch goal because it allows us the financial capacity to launch into the actual creation of Dragon Egg Inn in the more grounded and physical sense. Therefore we have established a permanent donation portal where people can give more directly on a one-time or monthly basis.

We are deeply grateful for the massive show of support and interest from our community and networks that we experienced in the process of this campaign. We received many messages of support and interest from people who were not in a position to donate at this time but who truly resonate with the vision. That has been truly inspiring. We will offer a more complete reflection on this process in the coming weeks.

Peace, Love & Blessings,
Jeruviel Stardust & Epiphany Yates

PS –
If you were waiting to the last minute to donate…there are just under 3 hours left on our original Hatchfund clock and, although not tax-deductible, any contributions are still very much needed and appreciated. See:

support rad hosp

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