FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Seattle Fam Declares Radical Hospitality

Seattle, WA, July 25, 2017– Dragon Egg Inn, the dream project of a small family from Seattle, has made an open declaration of what they call “radical hospitality” as a solution to many of the worlds interconnected crises of the current era.


Games, Festivals, and Web Portals Weave Vibrant Community

“Letʻs make this world so hospitable that nobody would ever want to leave.”

Contact: Cody Lestelle
Telephone: (918) 973-3843
Cell: (206) 854-1392

[Click here for PDF of this press release]

Seattle, WA, July 25, 2017– Dragon Egg Inn, the dream project of a small family from Seattle, has made an open declaration of what they call “radical hospitality” as a solution to many of the worlds interconnected crises of the current era. Namely they claim that their work and vision address abuse, addiction, extinction & suicide. The “Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder” brings it together:

“We don’t claim a unique ability to solve the world’s problems. We do claim a cosmic commitment to holding down spaces that make life on Earth worth living. Every person who experiences abuse, suffers addiction, commits suicide or species that goes extinct indicates dysfunction in society & our relations. Instead of merely looking to technological and outward-bound solutions to our earthly crises such as with dreams of Manifest Destiny in space, we aim to first make earth the most hospitable world it can possibly be. This is our idea of intergalactic peacemaking.”
~Jeruviel Stardust

“Combining magic, fantasy and comedy with levity has always been — I mean, I’ve always used those as ways of expression to find peace […]. In my childhood I was always like a rubber ball. No matter how or when I fell I always seemed to bounce higher! I think my art is strong enough to house that. […] Imagine that the Earth is a being who goes through painful transformations that relate to *hir body and its growth. The sum of our collective consciousness is in a pubescence that can evolve if it learns.”
~Epiphany Yates

Dragon Egg Inn first came out to the public eye through their Grand Little Festival, a combined celebration of Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and the Summer Solstice that took place at Lincoln Park in West Seattle on June 19th, 2016. Co-organizers and heads-of-family Epiphany Yates & Jeruviel Stardust acted as the emcees of that free family festival and barbeque in Duwamish Territory. But now there’s more.

This Seattle family with visions of multidimensional salvation has decided to turn their economic hardships this summer into an opportunity to make progress on their mission. Together they have a nine-month young baby daughter and their only income is from student loans for a PhD program in Alternative Futures and pay from working in Seattle Public Schools as a substitute teacher. Since neither of those funding streams exist over the summer in their case, they have launched a tax-deductible crowdfunding campaign on to help finance their basic survival and acquisition of tools for their games, festivals, inn and permaculture activities as they make the path toward Dragon Egg Inn.

A post from explains their interconnected projects & overall vision:

The board game and show act as complimentary efforts. The show will act as an open and interactive cataloguing of our creative journey. The board game will draw on our full range of skills and talents as a family with in depth and costumed character art on cards, models, and game board as well as interactive digital elements. The game is ultimately a tool and toy for sharing, teaching, and making real the wonderful worlds we all hold in our hearts. We intend to utilize it as an organizational tool as we build. Your support through the summer literally buys us the necessary time and energy to complete the prototype for this tool, a veritable Garden of Eden Creation Kit of our time, which we have been sent to create and freely share.


Our show premiers summer 2017, the board game prototype will be available as open public access early 2018, and the Intergalactic Multiversity for Magic & Wonder’s decentralized analogue-digital hybrid campus is already open for free registration and participation. Through the successful hatching of the show, game, and multiversity around the close of 2017 we will have co-created along with you all the means to manifest our original intention of opening the doors to that most wonderful and fabled place called Dragon Egg Inn before the end of 2018.

In addition to the creative tools and long-term visionary community aspects of this family’s work, also indicates that they will soon be providing Seattle and those surrounding the Salish Sea and beyond with chocolate, coffee, and honey from community cooperatives in Mexico.

 “Our long term family quest leads to a world with us as keepers & guardians of a magical & magnificent Inn, festival grounds, residential and artistic retreat campus in a self-sustaining forest community.”
–Jeruviel Stardust

In a recent update to the Dragon Egg Inn family’s campaign, the organizers stated:

We are very close to our target goal. Reaching that $5,000 will be huge in helping us through the next couple of months and in completing the first iteration of the board game and pilot of our show. Once we are settled on the target goal we hope to reach our stretch goal which will take us beyond basic survival and to a place where we can truly begin crafting the actual structures and works that feature in our festivals and the ultimate community of Dragon Egg Inn. For example, popup tent-craft materials, eco-building materials, permaculture farming tools, painting, sculpting and theatre supplies, communications technologies, high quality live and archived video of our efforts and lessons, analogue and digital games, Alternate Reality Games and learning experiences, major dance parties and big shindigs, festivals and real life rooted communities of wonder you/we visit and learn from as models for sustainable living. 

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[All images are by Dragon Egg Inn and may be freely included in any positive news coverage.]

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Cody Lestelle at (918) 973-3843 or email at or simply as Dragon Egg Inn on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, & Twitter.

As a supplement to this release, below is the original launch video for the campaign:

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